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Where to Find the Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

While Find the Markers might seem like simply one more scrounger chase style insight, it really offers a seriously perplexing guide with in excess of a small bunch of provoking mysteries to be found! With its freshest Candyland update, Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers has added 25 new markers for players to find, including the desired Zen Marker, which is presently positioned as the most troublesome marker to find in the whole experience. Fortunately, we’ve made the point by point guide beneath that should assist you with gathering this tricky marker in a matter of moments!

The complex Roblox experience Find the Markers has gotten an update that consolidates another biome into the all around thick guide called Candyland. Alongside this new biome there are 25 new markers to find, including quite possibly the most troublesome marker to get. The Zen Marker.

While Find the Markers players are no more abnormal to completing arbitrary tasks to observe them, find the zen marker in roblox code moves players to find and sort out five unique riddles to get this intriguing marker. This is the way to do it without any problem.

Where to Find the Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

The main note

  • Players should make a beeline for the newly printed Candyland to start their excursion vigorously. Observe the house presented underneath, bounce up as an afterthought and begin working your strategy for getting around the house.
  • With a couple of troublesome leaps, players ought to have the option to get to this side of the world, where the principal note anticipates not far off. Communicate with it to get the sign, and afterward it’s set for the industrial facility!

The subsequent note

  • With the primary note close by, we’re making a beeline for the industrial facility, just past the burial ground to one side of the wooden house. Travel through to the third room, where a magma based obby is standing by.
  • Presently, you don’t really need to do the obby to snatch the subsequent note, Hats on Roblox which is roosted on the divider to one side. You could simply pick to excursion yourself towards the note, kick the bucket in staggering design, and hold the connect key before you respawn to get the note.

The third note

  • It’s to the desert, presently, and we’re searching for a tall support point before a wild-looking deterrent course. Assuming that you stroll around the support point, you can see the note close to the top.
  • You don’t need to do the entire hindrance course: take a stab at moving up the divider envisioned, and get the note without any problem.

The fourth note

  • The forest biome is situated behind the wooden house close to generate: players will need to stroll behind the house and track down a little fence with a tree. Underneath, and it’s difficult to see, will be a little edge.
  • Jump down and arrive on the edge, cautiously moving to one side until the obby appears to unexpectedly end. Stroll through the phony divider, and snatch the fourth note.


  • From here, it’s at long last chance to move into the wood house close to bring forth. Reset your personality, stroll into the house and hurl yourself entirely into the firepit.
  • You can snatch the Fire Marker here, then, at that point, venture onto the earthy colored square to be magically transported to the rooftop.

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