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Monark – How to Unlock Miki Hirai’s locker

In its initial part, Monark tosses a ton of legend and frameworks at you. This is the place where you get your first taste of the games light riddle settling, Unlock Miki Hirai’s locker which includes tracking down the right codes to open a few storage spaces. Our aide will help you with opening Mika Hirais’ Mika.

While researching the troubles in the school’s primary structure, monark – how to unlock miki hirai locker pc you’ll wind up cleaning the third floor. One of the study halls has a storage that has a place with Miki Jirai. This segment can’t be finished without opening her storage.

Monark – How to Unlock Miki Hirai’s locker

  1. The code is 1040. Miki is found caught inside a room toward the finish of the third year corridor, banging interminably at the entryway. While moving toward the locked room, you’re given a couple of exchange choices. Assuming you ask Miki how she utilized her storage blend, Level Up Fast in Monark she lets you know that she thinks it was the last four digits of her understudy ID number.
  2. The legend passages on this floor don’t help, Unlock Miki Hirai’s locker not at all like in later conditions. For future reference, any understudy’s ID number can be found by getting to the profiles menu through the telephone. Each understudy and staff part you’ve connected is enrolled inside this menu.
  3. In the wake of entering the code, you’ll be granted the third year understudy identification. Make a beeline for the homeroom that is protected by two NPCs. Go around close to one or the other person until they face you, expressing that main third year understudies are permitted inside. Subsequent to introducing the identification, you’re ready to head in and purify the fog.

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