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How to Uninstall Guild Wars 2

Now and again uninstalling and reinstalling the game can assist with fixing issues that arise over the long run. Contingent upon the stage where you play Uninstall Guild Wars 2, you can do after the means beneath to eliminate and reinstall the game.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that uninstalling the game won’t eliminate, change, or in any case alter your game record. To make changes to your ArenaNet account, you can make changes on the Account Management page or contact the ArenaNet support group for help.

Quite possibly the most well-known issues PC client experience is that a program can’t be taken out. Today how about we perceive how to accurately uninstall Guild Wars 2 in Windows, and I’ll likewise list the potential reasons that you can’t finish the evacuation.

Could it be said that you are needing uninstalling Guild Wars 2 to fix a few issues? Could it be said that you are searching for a powerful answer for totally uninstall it and completely erase every one of its documents out of your PC? how many gigs is guild wars 2, No concern! This page gives point by point directions on the best way to totally uninstall Guild Wars 2.

How to Uninstall Guild Wars 2

Uninstall Guild Wars 2 by means of Programs and Features.

At the point when another piece of program is introduced on your framework, that program is added to the rundown in Programs and Features. At the point when you need to uninstall the program, you can go to the Programs and Features to uninstall it. So when you need to Uninstall Guild Wars 2, the principal arrangement is to uninstall it by means of Programs and Features.


  1. Open Programs and Features.
  2. Click Start, type uninstall a program in the Search projects and records box and afterward click the outcome.
  3. Open WinX menu by holding Windows and X keys together, and afterward click Programs and Features.
  4. Search for Guild Wars 2 in the rundown, click on it and afterward click Uninstall to start the uninstallation.

Uninstall Guild Wars 2 with its uninstaller.exe.

A large portion of PC programs have an executable document named uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or something like this. You can track down this records in the establishment organizer of Uninstall Guild Wars 2.


  1. Go to the establishment organizer of Guild Wars 2.
  2. Find uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.
  3. Double tap on its uninstaller and follow the wizard to uninstall Guild Wars 2.

Uninstall Guild Wars 2 by means of System Restore.

Framework Restore is a utility which accompanies Windows working frameworks and assists PC clients with reestablishing the framework to a past state and eliminate programs slowing down the activity of the PC. On the off chance that you have made a framework reestablish point before introducing a program, Uninstall Guild Wars 2 then, at that point, you can utilize System Restore to reestablish your framework and totally kill the undesirable projects like Guild Wars 2. You should reinforcement your own records and information prior to doing a System Restore.


  • Close all records and projects that are open.
  • On the work area, right snap Computer and select Properties. The framework window will show.
  • On the left half of the System window, click System insurance. The System Properties window will show.
  • Click System Restore and the System Restore window will show.
  • Select Choose an alternate reestablish point and snap Next.
  • Select a date and time from the rundown and afterward click Next. You should realize that all projects and drivers introduced after the chose date and time may not work as expected and may should be re-introduced.
  • Click Finish when the “Affirm your reestablish point” window shows up.
  • Click Yes to affirm once more.

Uninstall Guild Wars 2 with Antivirus.

These days, PC malware seem like normal PC applications however they are substantially more hard to eliminate from the PC. Such malware get into the PC with the assistance of Trojans and spyware. Other PC malware like adware programs or possibly undesirable projects are likewise undeniably challenging to eliminate. They normally get introduced on your framework by packaging with freeware programming like video recording, Jump in Dark Souls 3 games or PDF convertors. They can without much of a stretch detour the identification of the antivirus programs on your framework. On the off chance that you can’t eliminate Guild Wars 2 like different projects, Uninstall Guild Wars 2 then, at that point, it merits checking whether or not it’s a malware. Click and download this malware recognize instrument for a free sweep.

Reinstall Guild Wars 2 to Uninstall.

At the point when the record needed to uninstall Guild Wars 2 is tainted or missing, it can not uninstall the program. In such situation, reinstalling Guild Wars 2 might get the job done. Run the installer either in the first circle or the download document to reinstall the program once more. At times, the installer may permit you to fix or uninstall the program also.

Use the Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry.

At the point when a program is introduced on the PC, Windows will save its settings and data in the library, including the uninstall order to uninstall the program. You can attempt this technique to uninstall Guild Wars 2. Kindly cautiously alter the library, in light of the fact that any mix-up there might make your framework crash.


  • Hold Windows and R keys to open the Run order, type in regedit in the container and snap OK.
  • Explore the accompanying vault key and track down the one of Guild Wars 2:
  • Double tap on the UninstallString worth, and duplicate its Value Data.
  • Hold Windows and R keys to open the Run order, glue the Value Data in the container and snap OK.
  • Follow the wizard to uninstall Guild Wars 2.

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