How to Use Crucifix in Phasmophobia [Full Guide]

This article is about how to use crucifix in Phasmophobia. To set the scene, Phasmophobia is a horror game that tasks players either on their own or in groups to investigate paranormal hotspots in a fashion similar to “authentic” TV shows such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters. Only there are dozens of different ghost types in the game, and they do so much more than just knock on wood, close doors, or unintelligibly whisper when asked.

They can pretty much get ya, and here you’ll discover how to use the crucifix and why it’s not working.


The crucifix is not working in Phasmophobia because the ghost has already entered its hunting phase.

Essentially, the crucifix is not working in Phasmophobia because it is not able to protect you from spectres if they’re already active and on the prowl.

This means that you are basically dead meat if you’ve not used the symbol of Christ correctly and are just using it as a last line of defence.

Buy a crucifix before a job and add it to your equipment list before leaving.

Identify the ghost’s favorite room and bring the crucifix there.

Throw the crucifix near where you believe the ghost will appear.

Using a crucifix sounds easy—you just chuck it on the ground, right? But there is a bit of strategy involved in making sure you’re actually using it properly. One of the most important things to remember is that it has an effective radius of three meters (five against a Banshee). When a ghost starts hunting you, it will check to see if it has spawned within the radius of a crucifix. If yes, the hunt is prevented. If not, your flashlight will start flickering, and you’ll need to run and hide.

Crucifix tips

It has an effective radius of three meters (five against a banshee).

The crucifix has two ‘charges’: It can only prevent a hunt twice before disappearing.

There isn’t any indication yet to tell you if crucifix ‘charge’ has been used.

At present, Kinetic Games is working on a way of showing you if your crucifix has successfully stopped a hunt, so keep an eye out for that change. The number of charges and effective radius of a crucifix have also changed during development and could potentially change again.

Tips for Using the Crucifix in Phasmophobia

Most players will instinctively wield the crucifix in an attempt to ward off ghosts. Conceptually, it makes sense. Most horror films have taught players that wielding crosses can have damaging effects against vampires and the like. That being said, the crucifix item in Phasmophobia works a little differently.

Follow these tips to ensure you are always making the most out of your crucifix item.

1. Always place the crucifix in the ghost’s favorite room
Knowing where to best utilize the crucifix is nearly half of the battle. Picking up patterns proves to be a life-saving skill.

Once the ghost decides to hunt, it will become corporeal. Then, it will seek you out and kill you. However, the ghost will not enter a corporeal state if it is within range of a crucifix when it decides to hunt, Use Crucifix in Phasmophobia.

As a result, the crucifix is most useful within the room the ghost is most often entering the hunt. During the setup phase of the game, make note of where the ghost is most often appearing. This will help you narrow down the ghoul’s favorite room. Place the crucifix there.

2. Don’t wield the crucifix — throw it

Wielding the crucifix in your hand is not typically effective. Some players claim that wielding the crucifix has worked for them. However, the better strategy is to throw your crucifix on the ground. From there, the item will ward off ghosts effectively.

3. The crucifix has a limited area of effect

While you have placed your crucifix strategically, you are not quite out of danger yet. With an area effect of three meters (the range extends to five meters against banshees), the item’s range sometimes leaves much to be desired.

If you have determined that the ghost haunting you has irritatingly chosen a larger room as its favorite hunting ground, then consider scattering out multiple crucifixes to stack the deck in your favor.

Misconceptions When Using the Crucifix

Many players think holding the Crucifix up to the ghost once it’s in the hunting phase will stop it. But they are wrong. This does not cancel the hunting phase and if anything, you’re going to get taken alive by the ghost for risking it.


Before you use the Crucifix, take into consideration that it does not have an unlimited range. The impact range of the Crucifix for most ghosts in Phasmophobia is 3 meters, but with Banshee it is increased to 5 meters. One crucifix can’t be used indefinitely, because it has only 2 charges – after using them you need to buy a new one.

In a small room, it is enough to put one crucifix in the center. In larger rooms, it is better to use two of them on either side of it;

If the ghost is out of range of the Crucifix, it will be able to hunt normally;

When the ghost starts hunting, the Crucifix will not be able to protect the players;

When the Crucifix works, you will not receive any information – after using the two charges, it will disappear.


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