How to Turn off Narrator in Minecraft (Complete Guide)

This article is about How to Turn off Narrator in Minecraft. Minecraft players regularly address the issue of the narrator being an annoying excess in-game and how they wish to turn it off. It’s justifiable that notwithstanding the narrator being introduced as an element to assist, it isn’t actually needed. Fortunately, you can decide to turn it off in-game. This guide will show you how to turn off the narrator in Minecraft. Follow the means referenced beneath for the equivalent!


How to Disable Minecraft Narrator

Assuming you’re looking to debilitate narrator in Minecraft, however you don’t expertise, you’ve gone to the ideal locations. It tends to be annoying to continuously hear the Minecraft narrator voice reading out the visit when you don’t need it there. It can haul you out of your inundation in the game when you continually need to hear this voice interrupting things!

Luckily, the method for turning off Minecraft narrator isn’t confounded in any way. Indeed, it is incredibly simple!

There are two approaches to this:

Assuming you’re on PC, the least demanding method for turning off the Minecraft narrator is to just press the two keys that initiate the Minecraft narrator order immediately, which are “CTRL” and “B.” This won’t instantly turn off the narrator. It will toggle you through the various settings as expressed in the prior area. In any case, through that, you can ultimately toggle to an off state. There will be a little window that seems to let you know which state you are right now in. Simply press it until you see “Narrator Disabled.” That’s it!

On the off chance that you’re playing Minecraft on some other stage, you are logical not to have a console with you. Thus, there must be one more method for getting this done. Luckily, there is. In the wake of opening the game, go to “Settings” on the main screen. At the left-side, possible at the top, there ought to be an “Availability” tab. Click on that to get to the Accessibility Settings. On the right side, one of the choices ought to be “Empower UI Screen Reader,” which is probably going to be empowered in case you’ve been dealing with the narrator’s babble. Flip the switch off, and that is it!

Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft (PS4, Xbox)

In this piece of the article, we are going to find out how to turn off the narrator on Minecraft in a fast manner. Assuming you are reading this segment of the article then it is certain that you are playing the Minecraft game on a gaming gadget, not on PC/laptop. All in all, imagine a scenario in which you had incidentally turned on the narrator on Minecraft. Relax, I am here to help you. What you need to do is that under the Minecraft interface, click on the choices. Then, at that point, click on the visit settings. After that snap on the Narrator until you don’t cripple it completely.

Stage 1: Save your game

The main thing to do is ensure your advancement is protected. Save your game using the choice and afterward after it is saved you ought to stop your reality.

Stage 2: Open Settings

When you are on the main screen of your game, select the choice that says “Settings”.

Stage 3: Ignore Audio and Video

After you click on settings another menu will show up, on the screen you will see two choices named Audio and Video. You ought to disregard them as you can’t close the Narrator from that point.

Stage 4: Click on Accessibility

In the wake of clicking on settings check for a choice named “Openness”. It is the topmost choice situated over the “Choices” menu.

Stage 5: Click on “Empower UI Screen Reader”

Subsequent to clicking on Accessibility you will see three choices on your screen. You should tap on the one that says “Empower UI Screen Reader“. Ensure that you toggle the change to one side to close the narrator.

Stage 6: Click on “Empower Text To Speech For Chat”

You should do likewise to the “Empower text to discourse for visit” choice and change the Toggle to the left side.

Imagine a scenario where you can’t turn off the narrator.
It can now and then happen that this probably won’t work. There are different techniques too that can turn out for you. However, in the event that no technique turns out for you, then, at that point, your gaming gadget programming might be harmed. You can have it fixed to impair the narrator.


This technique functions admirably assuming you are playing Minecraft on a gaming gadget and it is working great. Here and there restoring the settings of your gaming gadget can likewise assist you with solving it. Presently, you can undoubtedly play Minecraft with practically no interruptions.

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