How to Fish Persona 4 [GUIDE]

The primary thing you want to do is get the Fish Hook. To do this, you should exchange a couple of Sodas for Bugs. Soft drinks can be found in the Vending Machines at the Central Shopping District. Exchange these soft drinks with the Bug-getting Boy at Tatsuhime Shrine – – likewise in the Central Shopping District. At the point when you get Tatsuhime Ladybugs, take them to the Shiroku Pub around evening time, alongside a Gem. Feed the dealer’s fish one of these bugs from your stock to get the Fish Hook.

After a huge delay, Persona 4 Golden is at last delivering on PC by means of Steam this month. While the fundamental story and prison creeping perspectives are altogether genuinely clear, this game elements a considerable amount of side substance that you probably won’t know how to get to also. This is the way to get the casting pole and fish in Persona 4 Golden.

The subsequent stage is getting a bar. Take the Fish Hook over to the man at the Riverbank at Samegawa Flood Plain. Doing this will compensate you with the Rod.

Presently you can go fishing at the dock at the Riverbank of the Samegawa Flood Plain during the daytime or evening. Have a go at fishing when it’s pouring, how to catch bugs persona 4, as there are diverse fish you can get in various climate.

How to Fish Persona 4

Fishing will make time elapse by, in the same way as other different occasions. To fish, use bread scraps from Shiroku Pub or Bugs from the Shrine. One Tatsuhime Ladybug for one Bread Crumb each evening. See the Catching Bugs Quest for more data on that.

With the right lure, head to the Samegawa Flood Plain to fish. Pick one piece of trap and trust that your bobble will go submerged. At the point when it’s submerged, a short small game will work out. Utilize the passed on simple stick to keep in the blue area (center) of a meter. When in the blue area, press the Circle Button to begin bringing in. Assuming you read a specific book about fishing, you can play out a speedy reel subsequent to pulling it in a specific distance. Perusing another book will permit you to fish at least a couple of times prior to heading home.

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Getting the Fishing Rod in Persona 4 Golden

Before you can begin fishing in the Samegawa waterway, first you’ll require a casting pole. The principal thing you’ll need to do is head over to Tatsuhime Shrine and converse with the kid remaining there. He’ll request either a beverage or a food thing; the beverages can be bought from the candy machines at the Central Shopping District, while the food thing can be bought from Souzai Daigaku, additionally at the Shopping District.

Take the thing back to the kid and he’ll give up a Tatsuhime Ladybug. From that point forward, visit the bar in the Central Shopping District around evening time and converse with the woman, who will make a note of the Tatsuhime Ladybug. Hand over the bug so she can take care of it to her fish, and she’ll give you the fishing snare.

At long last, during the daytime, take the snare to the elderly person remaining at Samegawa Floodplain and he’ll give you the casting pole.

Instructions to Fish

  1. Since you have the bar, you’ll have the option to fish at the waterway in Samegawa Floodplain. The occasions you can project your line is reliant upon your Diligence detail, and you’ll likewise have to utilize the bread pieces bought from Shiroku Pub or bugs got from the sanctuary as snare.
  2. Cast your line and when you get a chomp, a bar will show up at the lower part of the screen. Utilize the passed on stick to keep the marker in the focal point of the bar and when it’s in the blue part of the bar, press the circle button to begin bringing it in. However long you just reel it in while the marker’s in the blue piece, you ought to be great. If not, the fish could squirm away.

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