How do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc? (Guide)

In this article we will guide you about how do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc. Blu-ray disks play in 1080p resolution, which is significantly better compared to the maximum resolution standard DVDs can play in. Sadly, the main way you can utilize Blu-ray disks is by inserting them into a Blu-ray player. If you have a fresher computer, you might have a Blu-ray player. More seasoned computers, especially those dating back to 2009 and prior, for the most part do not accompany Blu-ray players. You can verify whether your computer has a Blu-ray player by looking at the computer itself or by accessing framework information.

How do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc

How do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc

  • Another way is to attempt to survey your computer or PC all alone. If your computer is Blu-ray compatible, for the most part it will have a little Blu-ray sticker on it, indicating that it is ready to play Blu-ray DVDs.
  • If that option is not working out for you how do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc, then, at that point, you can get to your computer’s framework settings and really look at whether your optical drive/disk player is comprised of a Blu-ray drive.
  • The wording in the settings ought to be similar to Blu-ray yet I have seen some disk drives that can play Blu-ray and the wording of the drives does not make it obvious. What I would prescribe is to look through the name of your disk drive online and check the item page for your specific Blu-ray drive. Some place in there, the producer ought to include that your drive is fit for playing Blu-ray content.

Why a Blu-ray CD Drive is Better

Blu-ray CD drives equipped with the right Blu-ray player programming considers higher resolution videos, for example, 1920×1080 and outline rates up to 29.97. They additionally include how do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc better audio quality for your videos. This is assuming your computer has audio equipment and screen equipment that can stay aware of the product. You can also read about How To Find Lost Airpods In House from here.

How do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc

How can I let know if the optical drive in my PC can play Blu-Ray disks?

There normally will be a mark sticking to the region of the console or the touchpad. It will highlight the Blu-ray player as each computer with the Blu-ray drive indicates.

Stage 1

Look on the facade of your computer. If you have a PC, open the top to uncover the console. You should see a mark with your computer’s specifications. Practically all computers that have a Blu-ray player will say so on the name.

Stage 2

Investigate the substance of disk drives under your computer. What we ordinarily see on the facade of the drive is “DVD” or “Cd ROM”, with respect to the “Blu-ray” can be found on that area as long as your computer does have one.

Stage 3

You can utilize the alternate route to get to the “Search” box or click the “Start” menu for inputting the “Framework Information” and entering in the quickest way as you don’t have to actually look at every option to find it. After another window popping out, hit the in addition to icon indicating “Parts” then, at that point, you will see the choice of “Disc ROM”.

How Can I Play Blu-Ray Disks on My Computer?

If your computer didn’t accompany a Blu-ray drive and you added it yourself, the drive ought to have accompanied a CD that includes something like PowerDVD on it. I generally, consistently suggest keeping the CDs that accompany your computers and equipment in the event they contain important things you want later. If you discarded it coincidentally, you’ll either need to purchase the product once more or utilize one of the more complicated techniques beneath.

  1. Install MakeMKV as described in our original Blu-ray how-to.
  2. Insert your Blu-ray disk. Ensure you have sufficient room on your drive (depending on the disk, this could be up to 50 GB).
  3. Fire up MakeMKV and head to File > Open Disk and pick your Blu-ray drive. MakeMKV will open the disk, and afterward present you with the titles on the disk. Hit the MakeMKV button and your movie should begin ripping.
  4. At the point when it’s done, simply double click on the resulting file and it will play in VLC.

How to watch Blu-ray disks on Windows 10

  • You can watch the real disks on your Windows 10 PC without having to change them over to a digital file.
  • The first option to mention is old fashioned Swiss Army Knife, VLC. Natively, VLC won’t simply play your Blu-ray disks, so you’ll have to do some tweaking.
  • It’s not necessarily the most ideal option how do i know if my Computer can play Blu-Ray Disc, but rather if you’re a weighty VLC client as of now, it’s somewhere around an option.
  • Maybe a superior — and furthermore free—strategy is the Leawo Blu-ray player application. It additionally upholds DVDs, and keeping in mind that you’re not paying for it, you’re just getting a stripped down Blu-ray player. In any case, it’s reliable and takes care of business.

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