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How to delete EA account [GUIDE]

Delete EA account is a smidgen of a problem, as there’s no choice to close your record on the site. You need to contact EA Customer Support to demand to erase your EA Origin account. Here, we will show both of you ways of mentioning your record conclusion.

As there is no choice to erase your EA Origin account on the site, you need to connect with EA client service to demand for shutting your record. You can erase your Origin (EA) account in two ways, either by talking with an EA support specialist or by calling EA client assistance. This is the way to do i.t


Account deactivation keeps your record in our frameworks and your advancement is held, however you will not have the option to utilize it or sign into it except if you choose to reactivate. Account erasure, then again, erases your case history with us, eliminates admittance to your games, and you will not have the option to utilize any connected stage accounts on another delete ea account psn.

You may deactivate your record to enjoy some time off from gaming or then again assuming you have a Pogo or Star Wars™: The Old Republic (SW:TOR) account. To quit utilizing delete EA account and administrations totally, then, at that point, you might need to erase your record all things being equal.

Deactivate account

  • You can’t sign in or mess around with your EA Account while it’s deactivated.
  • Any stage accounts you’ve associated with your EA Account, similar to your Xbox Gamertag or PlayStation Network
  • Online ID, will stay connected to the record.
  • Your Answers HQ posts and usernames will in any case be noticeable, you actually will not have the option to alter or erase them.
  • You’ll in any case get any exchange or showcasing messages you selected in to, similar to notices about impending games.
  • You can request that we reactivate your record whenever. Get back in contact with us and when we check responsibility for account, we’ll get you back into the game.

Erase account

  • You can not utilize any stage accounts (e.g., Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Get Gems in Brawl Stars and so forth) associated with your record on another record. Assuming that to this end you’re mentioning a cancellation, let us know so we can help you another way.
  • The case history related with your record will be forever erased, so you will not have the option to reach us about any cases you have made.
  • You will lose admittance to qualifications, games, memberships, and in-game buys related with your record.
  • You will not have the option to get to any EA games downloaded or bought on Steam or Epic, since they are associated with your EA Account.
  • You’ll be eliminated as a client from all EA Forums, and assuming that you’ve posted on an EA Forum, we will either erase your discussion name or the actual posts. On the off chance that you have an EA Forum account that doesn’t utilize your EA Account certifications to login, for example, a SWTOR Forum account, then, at that point, you should make a different solicitation to erase those.
  • In the event that you’re playing an EA game on Facebook, you’ll have to go to Apps and Websites in your Facebook Settings to eliminate any EA applications.
  • Assuming that you have an EA Play membership on your control center, you’ll have to contact Microsoft or Sony to drop it.
  • Any Terms of Service infringement that might be related with your games or record will remain.

How to delete EA account

Visiting with EA Customer Support Agent

  1. Go to and sign in to your record.
  2. Presently, visit the Contact Us page.
  3. Click on the photograph with the Origin logo.
  4. Pick your foundation, PC or Mac.
  5. Select Manage my record in Select topic*.
  6. Under Select Issue*, pick Delete account.
  7. Presently, click on the Select contact choice button.
  8. In the subject field, type “Solicitation FOR ACCOUNT DELETION” and snap on the Request live visit button.
  9. A discussion will popup, and you’ll be associated with a specialist.
  10. Let the specialist know that you need to close your record, and he/she will assist you with erasing your record.

Reaching EA Customer Support

You can likewise contact EA Customer support at +80 037 347 3 and demand to erase your record. They are accessible from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, UTC, from Monday to Saturday.

What happens when you close your EA Origin account

  • All your own information will be for all time erased alongside your record.
  • You will not approach bought games, memberships, and in-game buys.
  • You will not get value-based or advertising messages from EA.
  • You are not permitted to move your games, data, or information to another record.

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