How to Beat Cerberus Kingdom Hearts [Full Guide]

In Kingdom Hearts, Cerberus goes about as a back-up arrangement for Hades if Cloud, whom Hades vowed to assist with tracking down Sephiroth for him bombs his undertaking of killing Hercules and Sora.

At the point when Sora and Cloud’s fight reaches a conclusion (paying little heed to who wins), Hades sees that Cloud is presently not of any utilization to him, and sends Cerberus in. Cerberus rapidly pounds Cloud underneath his front paw when his back is turned, and is going to assault the others, however is held off by Hercules, permitting Phil, Sora, Donald, and Goofy to get away.

Cerberus has Hercules, who is conveying Cloud, caught, yet Sora comes to help, giving back and permitting Hercules to get away. Sora figures out how to overcome Cerberus, and his endeavors reward him the situation with “Junior Heroes”. Notwithstanding, as Sora leaves, Hercules notices to Phil that he had as of now worn Cerberus out when Sora interceded.

Cerberus can be battled again in full power at the Hades Cup, having four wellbeing bars rather than two (subsequently demonstrating the way that Hercules had worn it out). Be that as it may, since whenever you first might not have gotten Cure, it may appear to be simpler the second time you battle it.

On the off chance that you’re playing Kingdom hearts and Cerberus is excessively hard for you, you’ve come to the perfect locations. With the assistance of this article, kingdom hearts cerberus recommended level, you’ll overcome him in a matter of seconds!

How to Beat Cerberus Kingdom Hearts

Stage 1

Prepare recuperating things. Ensure you host your entire gathering furnished with elixirs. Assuming you have more grounded wellbeing elixirs, for example, Hi-Potions or Mega-Potions, that is better.

Stage 2

Set up your companions for the fight to come. Set Donald and Goofy’s thing activities to “Just in an Emergency” with the goal that they will simply utilize wellbeing recuperation things when they arrive at their basic wellbeing level. This will save you a ton of wellbeing recuperation things.

Stage 3

Save before the fight. There’s a save point inside the open air theater entryway. Ensure you save your game state there so that (in the event you lose the fight) it’ll be more straightforward for you to attempt once more. Along these lines, you’ll get to continue your game inside the amphitheater hall as of now!

Stage 4

Enter the field. When you are prepared, pick “I’m not apprehensive” when you are inquired as to whether you need to enter the match. When you consent to venture inside the field, there will be a cut scene. The fight begins just later this alternate way scene so be ready!

Stage 5

Lock onto one of Cerberus’ side heads. Promptly lock onto one of Cerberus’ side heads. Right side or left side, it doesn’t make any difference – however don’t lock onto the center head presently. At the point when he begins flinging energy balls at you, evade by carrying far removed. At the point when Cerberus thunders at the sky, he will begin to chomp assault… this is your opportunity to assault him! Approach him and assault the side head you locked onto. Assault very little at a time, then distance yourself. Assuming that you don’t, Cerberus will do a strong chomp assault on you.

Stage 6

Evade a great deal. You can’t assault Cerberus consistently. You should assault in short explodes and afterward move away by doing evade rolls and hops from Cerberus. Simply remember that Cerberus will most likely interfere with your blast of nonstop assaults, so don’t endeavor to do that.

Stage 7

Use wellbeing recuperation things carefully. At the point when your wellbeing bar is blazing red or going to be, quickly flee from Cerberus and utilize a recuperation thing. Try not to utilize your recuperation things on Donald or Goofy since they have their own recuperation things. Also, regardless of whether they get taken out, they will auto-resuscitate later a while.

Stage 8

Take out the last head. In the wake of handicapping the side heads, it is currently an ideal opportunity to polish off the vitally center head. Lock onto the center head. Cerberus will have new assault designs yet your evade strategies should in any case work. Continue to assault Cerberus and it will ultimately be crushed.

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